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Where the history of music comes alive

1883 – 1885

The former base of the Styrian Sparkasse and what was known as the ‘resource hall’ was rebuilt according to the plans drafted by architect Mathias Seidl.


1885, 4th November

Opening ceremony of Stefaniensaal with a grand concert attended by Crown Prince Rudolf and Princess Stephanie, after whom the hall was named.


1905 – 1908

Expansion of Stefaniensaal and building of the chamber music hall, vestibules and a spacious, naturally lit staircase with a large glass dome, designed by chief architect Leopold Theyer. The interior decoration was provided by noted artists of the age such as the Viennese sculptor Johannes Benk (1844-1914).


1977 - 1980

Reconceptualisation as a congress centre by "Werkgruppe Graz". A roof is built over a courtyard in the northern corner and the "Styrian hall" was constructed. Restoration of the chamber music hall and the "Blue Saloon".



Comprehensive restructing work under the architectural supervision of Hermann Eisenköck in close cooperation with the head of Congress Graz at the time, Dr. Nikolaus Breisach.


rooms from 44m² to 640m² can be booked for various events.

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