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© Steiermark Tourismus / Harry Schiffer


Between Dachstein, Hochschwab, Zirbitzkogel and green mountain pastures, between flood plains and flowing gorges - that is where the green heart of Austria beats – in Styria, the country’s most densely forested and greenest region.


This scenery is particularly well-suited for satisfying the desires of walkers and hikers, cyclists and climbers, for those looking to discover new places of interest and for those who simply wish to enjoy the view.

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© Region Graz - Hans Wiesenhofer

Surface area

6.401 km2



approx. 1.200.000


Styrian captital




© Region Graz - Hans Wiesenhofer

Everything you need to know about Styria and why it is so special


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Austrian open-air museum Stübing.

Visitors to this unipue museum get to experience history hands-on. Farmhouses, storage depots, barns, charbonniers, smoking rooms, a grocer, and several other interesting historical features show the reality of agricultural life in Austria in long by-gone times. After a typical down-to-earth repast, there is another highlihgt to visit close-by: Rein Abbey, the world's oldest Cistercian abbey.
» Open air museum » Rein Abbey

Lurgrotte: a dripstone cave

The Lurgrotte burrows through the hills between its entrances in Semriach and Peggau and is Austria’s most attractive limstone cave. One of the attractions in Semriach is the light and sound experience in the main chamber.
» Lurgrotte in Semriach
» Lurgrotte in Peggau




Enjoy the cosy seclusion of Styria’s hot spas. Nestling between romantic snow-covered palaces along the extinct volcano chains of south-eastern Styria, visitors will find the Hundertwasser spa, Rogner-Bad Blumau, Loipersdorf, Bad Waltersdorf, Bad Radkersburg and Bad Gleichenberg.
» Spas in Styria

Bärenschützklamm gorge

Those seeking adventures between rocky scenery and crashing water will be delighted to discover the Bärenschützklamm ravine. With most tours beginning in Mixnitz, 24 thundering waterfalls make it the most beautiful river gorge in all of Austria. In 2001, there was a celebration marking the 100 year anniversary of the walkway through Bärenschützklamm.
» Trekking in Styria

Lipizzaner horses

See the home of the white horses: the Lipizzaner stud farm and stables of the Spanish court riding school. This afternoon outing is not just great for equestrian enthusiasts, it is also fascinating for all those interested in seeing the beauty of western Styria, sampling rich, dark pumpkin seed oil, tasting the onion-shaded Schilcher wine or visiting St. Barbara’s Church which was redesigned by the famous Austrian artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser. 
» Piber National Stud Farm

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