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Merkur Eisstadion ©MCG/Krug

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Merkur Eisstadion

Merkur Eisstadion ©MCG/Krug
Merkur Eisstadion ©MCG/Krug

Graz and its gladiators on ice

Anyone who has been to a packed Merkur Eisstadion and witnessed thousands of enthusiastic fans cheering on their teams during ice hockey season will tell you about the fantastic atmosphere generated by a full house in this stadium.

There is raw ice hockey power on the one hand and a great opportunity for amateur skaters to enjoy this wonderful winter pastime on the other hand.

When the ice hockey season is over, Merkur Eisstadion can be turned into a stage for other sports such as indoor soccer and for other events, exhibitions and concerts.


Merkur Eisstadion ©MCG/Krug
Merkur Eisstadion ©MCG/Krug

The ice rink is open to the public

22 hours a week.



It takes 6.883 

ice hockey fans to fill Merkur Eisstadion.

Where can you go ice skating in Graz?

Merkur Eisstadion is the perfect option.

Depending on the weather, the ice rink is open from October to the beginning of March.

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