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The facilities at Graz-Weinzödl Sports and Training Centre

Outdoor facilities:

  • The outdoor areas offer four large grass training pitches (each approx. 68 m x 105 m) with floodlights and these are excellent for all field sports (football, American football, baseball, hockey etc.).
  • One pitch is used exclusively for matches and has a covered stand with room for 500 spectators (including seating for 220 people).
  • Throughout the year, regardless of the weather or temperature, there is an artificial pitch (68 m x 102 m) available for games and training purposes.
  • There is a 420 m² tartan hard-court and basketball baskets. It is an ideal for outdoor basketball games or as a small football pitch.
  • A 2400 m² grass pitch has been especially created for goalkeepers and individual training sessions
  • In order to optimise the facilities for stamina training a special training hill was built on the running course alongside the River Mur.

The main building:

On the ground floor of the main building there are changing and medical facilities, spa, health and gym amenities, a drying room and various technical facilities.


The upstairs facilities include:

  • office rooms

  • conference and meeting rooms

  • catering

  • 12 athlete and player homes with a total of 22 beds

  • 2 trainer relaxation rooms

Amenities in the functional building:

The functional building offers around 149 m² of space and serves as a storage facility for sports equipment. It also houses changing rooms, an office and a recreation lounge.



grass training pitches 

m² of sporting facilities

grass training pitches 

– each approx. 
68 m x 105 m

artificial training pitch 
68 m x 102 m

hard court 
(420 m2) with basketball hoops

goalkeeper training
area with 2400 m² of grass

homes for athletes with a total of 22 beds 


conference and meeting rooms are available

On-site catering services

500 people
can be accommodated on the covered stand


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