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Stadthalle Graz

Stadthalle Graz - the most modern event venue in Austria

Stadthalle Graz – a superlative venue


Stadthalle Graz is an ideal venue for events such as concerts, congresses and TV shows. Stadthalle Graz is undoubtedly Austria’s most modernly equipped venue. The daring architecture freshens up the pleasant townscape of the provincial capital.


Architecture meets the city – interiors meet exteriors

The facility has the capacity to accommodate 11,000 guests in a building that exhibits the creativity, brilliance and adventurousness of its creator - star architect, Klaus Kada. The spectacular, jutting roof construction in the entrance area of Stadthalle Graz reaches out to encompass the public space outside. Stadthalle Graz can also be opened up at the rear allowing the interior and exterior to become a single natural entity. This open-air effect is unique in the whole of Europe.

Versatility is the word!

Lightweight mobile dividing walls at Stadthalle Graz enable the venue to be tailored to the various sizes of event.





What do
Linkin Park, Bryan Adams and Udo Jürgens have in common?

They have all performed at Stadthalle Graz!