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409 events in 2017

Stadthalle & expo centre parking


The following parking facilities are made available, depending on the event.



P1 Fröhlichgasse 1200 cars at every fair
P2 Fair ground 400 cars if required


Parking in Fröhlichgasse from 27 April 2017:

1. Gain access and park vehicle
2. Purchase required parking ticket at the ticket dispensing machine
3. Place parking ticket in a clearly visible position in the front windscreen
4. Enjoy your time at the event


From the 27.04.2017, in order to make parking here even more convenient, we will be operating automatic 'pay and display' ticket dispensing machines, which will also take credit and debit card payments. As elsewhere in the green and blue parking zones in the city of Graz, a €6 pay-and-display parking ticket should be purchased at the beginning of a stay and displayed clearly on the inside of the windscreen. Adherence to the applicable parking regulations is subject to checks by the official Graz municipal parking authority. On discovery, those found not to have paid the standard parking fee will receive a demand for a higher fee of €25 attached to their windscreens.



* Parking for spring trade fair/autumn trade fair:
Fröhlichgasse, Conrad-von-Hötzendorf-Straße, Raiffeisenstraße, Ostbahnhof (all under CCTV surveillance).


Parking for the disabled:

At every trade fair there are 28 marked and permanently reserved parking spaces for the disabled in Conrad-von-Hötzendorf-Straße - opposite the Stadthalle, north of the zebra crossing; on the northern side of Fröhlichgasse – at entrance no. 2 to hall A; on the visitor car park, Conrad-von-Hötzendorf-Straße and Fröhlichgasse, and in our underground car park.


We permit guests at events in the Stadthalle to park at the expo centre. Depending on the event, the sub-level car park is also available to guests. However, it is not open to the public or accessible 24 hours/day, and only accessible during certain events.


Our parking fees for events:

Parking in the sub-level garage:  € 8 incl. VAT (at the automatic pay station)

Parking in the sub-level garage:  € 6 incl. VAT (in the cloakroom)

Parking on the car park in Fröhlichgasse: € 6 incl. VAT

In-house expo planning, stand construction and logistics service

amb | graz

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Public transport

Tram stops on lines 4, 5, 6 (13):

  • Jakominigürtel/Messe

  • Stadthalle

  • Fröhlichgasse/Messe

  • Münzgrabenstraße/Messe

Local train and bus times >>

Arriving by rail


ÖBB – Austrian Federal Railways

Arriving by air

Graz-Thalerhof is an international airport situated just 10 km from the city and Messe Congress Graz. There are direct flights to and from Vienna airport, Frankfurt/Main, Munich, Zurich amongst others.

Graz-Thalerhof airport, Wien Schwechat (Vienna) airport,

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