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NUKE Festival

Messe Graz Freigelände, 29.08.2015, 12:30

29 August 2015 will be an exceptional Saturday - on this day, in the outdoor area of Messe Graz, the NUKE Festival will re-born. Actually, 're-established' might be a better expression, since the NUKE Festival was always a well-established event in Austria's festival landscape which brought numerous famous musician on stage. NUKE is back again with full power in 2015.


Seeed have been acquired as headliner for this new beginning, as have Pandarapper Cro, and the currently most successful local artist, Parov Stelar and his band. They are joined by the local shooting stars Bilderbuch, Wanda and Olympique, who are creating a big stir well beyond Austria's borders and have been nominated in various categories for the 2015 Amadeus Austrian Music Awards. The colourful and varied line-up of NUKE 2015 will be complemented by the long-time reggae/dancehall favourites Mono & Nikitaman, the German Hip Hop grandee Prinz Pi, and Kayef.


This new edition of NUKE clearly focuses on local acts and music from German speaking regions. Over the past few years, both of these areas have experienced a revival like never before through their absolutely fascinating acts, and exactly these acts will be further supported by this festival concept. This is the first city festival of this size in Graz.


NUKE 2015 stands for pop music with all its facets - a little Hip Hop here, a few guitars there, with a shot of reggae beat added, but also for a splendid festival in the heart of the city, with a relaxed atmosphere and a varied musical line-up that has something on offer for everybody.


There is easy access and return by public transport, good food is ensured in the high-quality Food/Drinks & Chill-out area, a Young Designer market will be open, and there will be a relaxed background programme. In other words, everything right for an exciting summer day.


Line-up 2015











ADMISSION: 12 p.m. START: 12:30 p.m.




SEEED, without a doubt one of the best and most exciting live bands in the German speaking area has been won as headliner. The 11 musicians released one hit after the other over the past few years, and due to their gigantic shows, they count amongst the best in the live music scene. The 'Music Monks' from the 'Dicken B' will join us at NUKE in Graz on 29 August.


The career path of Marcus Füreder aka Parov Stelar can best be described as follows: from Linz to the world's greatest concert halls. Supported by the five members of his band, and with old favourites and new hits in his luggage, THE PAROV STELAR BAND comes to the stage of NUKE 2015.


In 2015, most people will have heard of CRO, the rapper with the panda mask. The 'King of RAP' already has two number 1 albums and several sold-out tours in his favour, and of course hits such as 'Easy', 'Whatever', or 'Traum' that he will regale the many panda fans with at the NUKE.


Everybody is currently talking about BILDERBUCH. Their third studio album 'Schick Schock' is about to be released, and all radio stations from here to Berlin treat our ears to 'OM' and 'Spliff'. It goes without saying that they will fire-up their 'engine' on the NUKE stage.


MONO & NIKITAMAN - means dancehall-anarcho-reggae-punk-pop; loud, shrill and self-assured. Mono & Nikitaman not only celebrate themselves, but also their audience. This is what makes them so likeable, and their fans have been thanking them 1000 fold from the first to the last song during the year-long monster tour. The lyrics of both artists are weapons against simple-mindedness, stupidity and the ill-humoured spirit of our times. They are a perfect fit for NUKE 2015.


PRINZ PI is the grand seigneur of metropolitan hip hop music. Only very few have left their mark on the development of German rap as he did, and he also released an impressive 14 solo albums on his own. That he can also do this live, he will prove during this year's NUKE.


About the shooting star WANDA, there is actually nothing more one can say than 'Amore'. No other Austrian band has dominated the press reviews and the radio as the five gentlemen from Vienna. After countless sold-out concerts, it is time to take to the stage in big festivals this summer, amongst them NUKE 2015.


Next to Wanda and Bilderbuch, there is another high-flying Austrian band: OLYMPIQUE, that will show its mettle on the stage of NUKE.


Only very few artists have managed to be called 'the German Justin Bieber', have hundreds of thousands subscribers on Youtube, and achieved a completely sold-out first tour during their career. KAYEF has achieved this at only 20 years of age. His first appearance on a festival stage will be at NUKE 2015.



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